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Why I am not buying the new Band Aid 30 single

I remember the first one. I was about six years old or so and innocently used to bop to it without paying too much attention to the lyrics. But as I got older and Christmas swung around again, I actually started to feel increasingly irritated when the song came on air. 

Dakan: the ultimate love story

I know of three films produced by Guinean Mohamed Camara – each of which tackle the taboo subjects of incest and child suicide from an African perspective.Dakan (meaning destiny) is his third, which I watched at South London Gallery as part of Film Africa 2014, and it did not disappoint.

Review of N: The Madness of Reason - a Film Africa London Premiere

N: The Madness of  Reason – a docu-drama co-produced by Peter Krüger and award-winning Nigerian writer Ben Okri - left me suspended between discomfort and awe.

Discomfort because such scenes as a woman performing fellatio on a man; the ritualistic slaughter of an ox and the display of bare-chested women jumping – if filmed in the UK – would most probably be censored. 
And yet in this 102-minute film, these real - and at times graphic scenes - were interwoven between absolutely exquisite images across west Africa.

The solitary caterpillar, the colourful butterflies housed among acres of forest, the booming ocean waves and most of all the myriad of faces.
The film is complex but the premise so simple. The story unfolds telling the tale of a Frenchman man who leaves the turmoil of Europe in the 1920s. He is in search of adventure and falls in love with and ends up spending 40 years of his life in the west of Africa.
Dead and alive
We see Raymond Borremans alive but on the verge of death. But …

Talking TV with 'An African City' creator Nicole Amarteifio.....