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Ghanaian filmmaker explores the 'burden' of womanhood

The burden of responsibility often placed on women whose children are born ‘imperfect’ in the eyes of society forced all of us watching Priscilla Anany’s film ‘ChildreN of the MountaiN’ to address some uncomfortable cultural truths still present in today’s modern world.
The Ghana-born filmmaker made boy-child Nuku (played by Jessica Dablo…..yes a girl playing a boy) the star of a film that poignantly looks at how society blames women for things often out of her control.
Defining womanhood Essuman, played by Nigerian-Ghanaian actress Rukiyat Masud, and Edjah, played by Ghana’s Adjetey Anang were ecstatic to learn they would soon be proud parents of a little boy.  Edjah’s first child from another woman is a girl.
But all that changed when Nuku is born with Down’s syndrome, a cleft palate and cerebral palsy. Essuman’s status drops from being the ‘favourite wife’ to one accused of sleeping around and as having a ‘dirty’ womb. As a result, Nuku is denied the right to hold his father’s surname…

Ghana's afro-gypsy mulls over a third Pidgin-English musical

Ghanaian-Romanian musician and film producer Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu aka Wanlov the Kubolor is considering making a third instalment to his Ghanaian Pidgin-English musical 'Coz Ov Moni'.

'Coz Ov Moni I' and 'Coz ov Moni II (FOKN Revenge)' chart the adventures of two friends who run into humorous challenges while highlighting the ordinary struggles of young Ghanaians in modern Ghana. Co-producers Mensah Ansah and Kubolor star in the films and are real-life friends. They started on their creative path during their school days when they used to run away from class to rap together. The pair wanted to create a concert album where everything takes place in one day in the life of two friends in Accra, Kubolor told MisBeee during a meeting hosted by BloggingGhana. While writing, the songs turned into movie scenes, spawning what Kubolor calls the first Ghanaian English-Pidgin musicals in the world.

Moni talks
A third film is a possibility, although Kubolor has ruled out self-…