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Ghanaian tenor out to transform opera music

Ghana is best known for such musical genres as highlife, hiplife, afrobeats and gospel. But one Kumasi-born artist is bucking that trend by carving a name for himself as Ghana’s first opera singer, (see here).

Nino – aka Agyemang Kofi Offeh – has been singing and composing since childhood. Thanks to his father’s interest in classical music, Nino developed a passion for this genre even though he started out singing gospel and highlife.

Despite gaining some success as a highlife artist, Nino couldn’t shake the feeling that he was destined to do something else. A turning point came when he was hospitalised after having a car accident that could have cost him his voice and limbs.
“I remember lying in the hospital bed and watching myself performing my highlife tracks on TV and hearing my songs on the radio, but I thought - I haven't done what I am supposed to do," he said
As softly-spoken as Nino is, his singing voice is a clear contradiction. His sentences are punctuat…

What is African fashion to you? - MisBeee @ AFWL 2015


Vlog: Afrobeats star Atumpan @ African Fashion Week London 2015


Vlog: August in Africa @ Covent Garden 2015

African pride was in abundance across central London as musicians and fashion designers showcased their creative talents on Saturday 1 August.

As part of the Africa Centre’s ‘Africa in August Summer Festival', designers including those from the Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya drew in crowds keen to acquire one-off designs and sample some of the Continent’s unique live music.
Singers including Nigerian-French singer Asa and Angolan folk musician Bonga helped to capture the vibrancy of the day and showcased how rich and culturally diverse the Continent is.
British-Ghanaian Fuse ODG aka Nana Richard Abiona made sure the audience didn’t lose sight of the need to foster balance when portraying images of Africa and Africans globally. 
Interspersed between his uplifting tracks, he recounted his dealings activist Bob Geldof KBE during the West African Ebola crisis in 2014. He used his musical platform to explain why he chose not to participate in creating the Band Aid 30 single, (see Mis…

MisBeee 123 Vlog: London illustrator Lee gets creative