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Reasporans: the new African returnees

The number of people with Ghanaian heritage returning to the Motherland is reportedly increasing. Not surprising with the lure of oil and natural gas opportunities in the country. Other reasons for the increase is the desire for returnees to reconnect with their culture, identity, and getting some sun and more wholesome food!

Interestingly, being able to find the data to support what has become fact in Ghana is a little harder to come by. Even the International Organization for Migration, which kept coming up in my Google search, was not able to furnish me with the information, let alone the Ghana Ministry for the Interior's migration unit.

But what I thought was more telling was despite my detailed search for 'Ghanaians migrating back to Ghana', Google was more interested in throwing up searches on migration from Ghana to the West. It was almost as if the reverse movement did not exist or was not as important....

Even without these figures to hand, the wave of migration …