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Vlog: Talking Twi with TV's Ortis Kwame Deley

A recent documentary hosted by Channel 5's The Gadget Show presenter Ortis Deley on language endangerment in the Ghanaian community got me thinking about my own fluency in my parents' language Twi.
The following blog and two-part video blog (seehere) with Ortis explores some of the reasons why language fluency is on the decline and hopefully some insight into how to reverse the on.

There are over 70 indigenous languages actively spoken in Ghana, and yet fluency is on the decline among Ghanaians in the Motherland and those across the diaspora. 

The growing march towards Western globalisation combined with an under-utilisation of some spoken native languages has meant that increasingly, speakers are losing fluency in their mother tongues.

Mother tongue The fact that English is the official language of Ghana and as a result has become the lingua franca of government, commerce and education, naturally limits the arenas within which local languages can be spoken. In Ghana, …