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What's your favourite Adinkra symbol?

I put this question to MisBeee readers after blogging recently about the origins of Adinkra in the post: 'Adinkra - more than just a pretty face'.

Adinkra is a series of ideographic symbols from Ghana and the Ivory Coast depicting age-old proverbs that incorporate aspects of Asante culture, flora and fauna.

These symbols are strongly linked to religion, language, and geometry but in modern times are used widely in and outside Ghana for their aesthetic appeal. The list includes jewellery, pottery, clothing and architecture.

 Below is a snapshot of some of the responses I received, feel free to add your own. All images below come from

 Kwame from Birmingham
My favourite symbol is Gye Nyame because everything starts with God, and ends with God. God creates, sustains and destroys and generates again. It is self-germinating. The symbol of Gye Nyame looks like a circle when connected and so it is symbolic of the circle of life.

Amartey from west Legon, Ghana My favourite sym…

Vlog: MisBeee @ Africa Utopia 2015

If you didn't make it to Africa Utopia @ the South Bank Centre, check out some of the designs here.

And check out my interview with one of the exhibitors who is selling accessories and T-shirts featuring this gorgeous Nigerian mask on the right.

Until next year....

By Kirsty Osei-Bempong

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Adinkra - more than just a pretty face