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The British Ghanaian breaking barriers in communication

Meet the young entrepreneur who looks set to make the phrase 'Lost in Translation' obsolete with the launch of his latest wireless technology.

His name is Danny Manu, he is a British-Ghanaian engineer and music producer, and is only 29 years old. He is also the founder/director of Manchester-based start-up company Mymanu and the brains behind Mymanu Clik - the Bluetooth earbuds which allow users speaking in one language to converse with someone else speaking another.

Can you ear me?
The concept sounds fantastical and futuristic - I know - but as I speak, this technology is undergoing final tests. Customers that have pre-ordered the Mymanu Clik will be able to pick it up in early summer. By late August, the product, which is expected to retail at $300 (£240) will be available to the general public, London-born Manu told MisBeee.
Mymanu Clik is the second major offering from this innovative start-up manufacturer. The first is the Mymanu Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker which …

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